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Mensaje por Admin el Jue Jul 09, 2015 7:34 pm

Good Morning.
So many people if I give infraction sometimes comes complain and say you did not understand why the offense, but it is something simple, if you read all the rules will understand what will give you punishment or not, the rules are quite clear. However, since they are only on site and 90% of those who create account there mark the "read and agree to the rules" without ever having read, follow the rules below so that those who do not read and do not know where to find, can read here:

01. The Forum is a democratic space, however, will not be admitted discriminatory comments, words, insults, aggressive expressions or parallel discussions of any aspect. Be respectful of other members and not deviate from the subject's initial topic discussions to create secondary.

Remember that the forum is an open space for you to ask questions, give suggestions, access tutorials, etc., and not to promote discord among the members or members against the Administration. All were created within the proper education, we will keep the same here.

If you notice any irregularities on the topic or response from a member, use the "Report Post" to alert the management about the same.

02. It is forbidden to disclose any form of contact in open messages. Any form of contact, as well as e-mail, phone, msn, facebook, twitter, etc., should be exchanged via PM (Private Message).

03. It is forbidden to disclose patches, libraries .Dll files .Ini or any other files or links to downloads, which are not available by L2 Inari Administration itself. The measure is aimed at the safety of the player himself.

04. It is prohibited to any Flood Forum, such as post or responses without repeated use, various threads make equal in order that it be quickly read, and so on.

05. Search our forums and on our website before opening a new topic. Maybe your question or problem is already answered. Do not create threads with repeated subjects, is also considered as Flood.

06. When new threads titles use consistent with the subject matter hereof is a tool to summarize in a few words about what subject it treats the topic. Pay attention also in the area of ​​the Forum when you're opening the topic, each area of ​​the Forum is designed to address issues of different strands. Post them in the correct sessions.

07. Always help new users in the forum your questions, remember that we are a fraternal community that always helps those in need.

08. Every topic should be answered only in the language in which it was created. For example, if someone created a topic in English, all answers must be in English as well, the same goes for Portuguese and Spanish.

09. The L2 Inari reserves the right at any time without prior notice or justification, delete or edit posts, signatures, comments or topics that flouted the rules of use of the Forum.

10. The Administrators and Moderators can make use of warnings and infractions or to the suspension or banning of your account Forum if you do not respect the rules laid out here. Punishment may also be applied to your character and / or their accounts within the game, according to the severity circumstantial or repetition of the offense and in accordance with the interpretation of Directors.

11. To report any irregularity to the Moderators, or make suggestions to change the content of a post, only use the PM system. (Private Message). To communicate with the Directors, use the support area on our website.

Topics that remain inactive in certain areas of the forum may be deleted automatically.

The L2 Inari reserves the right to change these terms and rules without prior notice, leaving players to stay current about them.

The L2 Inari, its Administrators and Moderators take no responsibility for material posted here. Poste and under your sole responsibility.

Thank you.

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